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Life is a journey with constant twists and turns most of which are unpredictable. Financial management is a fundamental part of successfully embarking on this journey. Hence, it is critical to have a holistic and solid financial plan in order to achieve your individual goals on this life journey.

As a company, guiding you step-by-step in your financial life journey is what we simply do. How do we do this?


Preparing and reviewing your current monthly budget i.e. monthly income and expenditure report. This also entails assessing your basic day-to-day financial habits to determine whether you are minimizing fees incurred, maximizing on loyalty programs available in South Africa (eg. eBucks, UCount, Woolworths WRewards…etc.) and eliminating unnecessary expenditure to name a few.


Assess your tax affairs with our highest priority being to ensure that you are tax compliant, taking advantage of tax-free opportunities and maximizing on available tax deductions.


Structure your financial affairs in line with the holistic financial plan below that is designed in two phases:

  • firstly protecting your current wealth, i.e. YOURSELF because you are your greatest asset; and
  • focusing on creating more wealth for you in pursuit of your financial freedom and life goals.

(NB: The wealth protection phase provides financial security against the following risks: disability; dread diseases; retrenchment; unexpected death; hospitalization/medical expenses; outliving retirement income provisions and inflation.)


Monitor your plan on an ongoing basis and periodically review it in order to update it if circumstances have changed in your life.

Holistic Financial Plan

Generally, individuals often have few sections of this holistic plan implemented in their personal finances. As a company, we endeavour to firstly enlighten our clients of this holistic financial plan and then guide them through uniquely tailored recommendations that cover their particular identified shortfalls. This process strategically assists in setting up the entire plan within their financial affairs.

The timeline within which to achieve these financial goals is discussed, agreed upon and committed to by our clients based on a defined period that is suitable to them. After our clients have implemented this plan and adjusted to the new financial regimen, the sky is the limit for them. Their path to financial freedom is well within their reach and we undertake to constantly perform regular reviews with them so as to monitor their progress and development.

Advising and guiding our clients hand-in-hand to meet their individual financial objectives is what we simply do.

Let Razili Consulting assist you in structuring your holistic financial plan.

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