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Outsourcing your payroll function is not just a matter of getting someone to press buttons or getting robots to do the work. When we take on your payroll function we ensure that we assign you a dedicated account manager as your exclusive point of contact for all your payroll requirements. Where you do not handle your own payroll function in-house, this approach will reduce your costs and the administrative burden of employing experienced payroll personnel.  Our payroll services cover the following areas:

  1. Registration for Pay as You Earn (PAYE) and Skills Development Levy (SDL);
  2. Registration for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) with the Department of Labour;
  3. Registration for Occupational Injuries & Diseases (OID) with Department of Labour;
  4. PAYE compliance reviews and consultation;
  5. Compile, process and submit monthly PAYE, SDL & UIF returns;
  6. Compile, process and issue payslips to employees;
  7. Computation, reconciliation, completion and issue of IRP5 & IT3 (A) certificates;
  8. Process salary payments via EFT, mobile banking or any other appropriate system;
  9. Computation, reconciliation and submission of bi-annual employer reconciliation declarations (EMP501);
  10. Compile, process and submit monthly employer declarations (EMP201);
  11. Monthly review, preparation and maintenance of the payroll, i.e. employee records, filing systems etc.;
  12. Track employee loans and repayments;
  13. Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses;
  14. Compile detailed reports of employee earnings, deductions and leave;
  15. Managing leave administration;
  16. Annual submission of Employment Equity Returns; and
  17. Annual submission of OID Returns.

We are a team of registered tax practitioners who deliver competent income tax services for businesses and individuals with business interests in South Africa. Our primary aim is to ensure that we save you time and money. You can have your tax affairs handled by a professional who will ensure that you have peace of mind and are able to do what you do best without worrying about dealing with SARS. You can scan or email your tax documents to us and we will email you proof of submission when submission is completed. Our tax services include:

  1. Tax consulting and advisory services;
  2. Tax planning and structuring ;
  3. VAT registration;
  4. Company income tax registration;
  5. Individual income tax registration;
  6. Representation and facilitation of SARS audits;
  7. Tax compliance reviews and consultation, e.g. fringe benefit tax compliance;
  8. Compile, process and submit VAT returns (VAT201);
  9. Compile, process and submit monthly employer declarations (EMP201);
  10. Compile, process and submit provisional tax returns (IRP6);
  11. Compile, process and submit annual income tax returns: individuals (IT12), companies (IT13), close corporations (IT13) & trusts (IT14);
  12. Compile, process and submit monthly PAYE returns;
  13. Compile, process and submit capital gains tax (CGT) returns;
  14. Compile, process and submit dividend tax/withholding tax returns;
  15. Computation, processing and submission of bi-annual employer reconciliation declarations (EMP501);
  16. Computation, reconciliation, completion and issue of IRP5 and IT3 (A) certificates;
  17. Review & report of SARS statements of account;
  18. Estate planning and administration; and
  19. Administration of wills and trusts.

Registered companies in South Africa are required to prepare financial statements within 6 months of their financial year-end. Further to that, SARS requires that companies submit their annual returns a year after their financial year-end. In order to make informed financial decisions that comply with SARS requirements, businesses will need to use up-to-date accounting records that are accurately prepared. We will help you achieve these goals. Our accounting services cover but are not limited to:

  1. Financial management consultation or outsourcing via monthly meetings;
  2. Asset register management;
  3. Trial balance preparation;
  4. Data capturing from source documents and setting up of appropriate filing systems for document retention;
  5. Monthly processing and reconciling of bank, customers, suppliers and petty cash;
  6. Compiling financial statements: statement of financial position, statement of profit or loss & other comprehensive income, statement of cash flow and statement of changes in equity;
  7. Budgeting and financial planning, e.g. cash flow forecasts;
  8. Preparation of reports on variance analysis;
  9. Preparation of reports on customer & supplier age analysis;
  10. Monthly preparation of VAT/tax transactions summary report;
  11. Independent reviews; and
  12. Audits.
  1. Registration of companies, incorporations, non-profit organizations (NPOs) & co-operatives;
  2. Director changes, i.e. resignations and additions;
  3. Company name changes;
  4. Company share transfers;
  5. Entity conversions, i.e. from CC to Pty;
  6. Company restorations;
  7. Checking and assigning/reserving company names;
  8. Company registration amendments, e.g. amendments to the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI); and
  9. Exempted Micro-enterprises (EME) BEE certificates & verifications.

These include the following services:

  1. Installation of software/financial systems;
  2. Training of staff on usage of software/financial systems; and
  3. Support provided for staff after training.
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